Many customers have sent videos and audio clips over the years and I am grateful for and humbled by the talent and generosity. It is quite a collection of great music and artful video created using some of the instruments coming out of my shop. Thank you all for giving reason to what I do and I look forward to any music that may come in the future.

I met Naomi about a year ago while she was singing near a holiday festival. her voice stopped me; I listened for quite a while then quietly bought one of her CDs. It's always been one of my goals an an instrument maker to pair one of my mandolins with a human voice, to be humbled by the limitation of the wood and craftsmanship.

Not only did Naomi agree to sing alongside one of my mandolins, but as an exceptional guitar player she learned to play on mandolin what was necessary for one of her original songs. What you’re listening to above is an original song written and played by Naomi Karate. I am proud to have been a part of it and over the last year, to call her my friend.

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Additional recordings provided generously by previous customers are below.